We simplify Endoscopy

We are a MedTech Spin off that introduces artificial intelligence and robotics in Endoscopy to make complex procedures easier and safer.


Current Development - larynGuide

- an assistive software for easier and safer tracheal intubation. Bringing the expertise to the place where it is needed the most.

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Swiss University Spin-off

Mission - Introducing Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Endoscopy

We envision a future where endoscopy procedures are enhanced by the latest in technological innovations.

Our commitment is to partner with leading endoscopy companies to implement our cutting-edge solutions, ensuring greater precision, safety, and efficiency. Together, we redefine the boundaries of what's possible in endoscopic care, pushing the frontier of medical exploration and enhancing patient outcomes.


What is aiEndoscopic?

aiEndoscopic's origin lies in the University Hospital of Zurich, where in 2017 a senior anesthesiologist asked himself: "why in the age of self driving cars is there no self driving intubation* device?"

Several years, academic theses and product iterations later, we created a software that can navigate the user (or a robot) via the oral cavity into the trachea. This guidance will help less experienced users to successfully perform the skill based task of tracheal intubation.

During the development we realized that the technology we developed is also applicable also to several endoscopic procedures. We, therefore, created a strong process pipeline to also be quick to adapt the platform technology also to other applications.

*Tracheal intubation is a live saving, and live maintaining process, in which the clinician inserts an elastic tube via the mouth into the patient's windpipe to assure the lungs ventilation. Due to the human anatomy, mastering this this process requires a lot of training and expertise.

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