Current Development - larynGuide - Bringing the expertise where it is needed the most

larynGuide is a software that leverages Artificial Intelligence to support the user in video laryngoscopy and intubation.


larynGuide is the Artificial Intelligence; the brain for our airway management solutions. larynGuide supports the users to successfully perform the complex task of laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation by guiding the user through the procedures.

It consists of two main parts. First, a trained neural network analyzes the visual input given by the video laryngoscope. Second, an AI-interpreter uses the output of the neural network to show useful information according to the situation. This setup allows for the use of a complex input and condenses it down to intuitive information, customizable on the user's skill level.

We have customized a model to create a lightweight and high-performance neural network. Our model enables embedding artificial intelligence into energy-efficient handheld devices, such as on the laryngoscope-mounted monitors. This allows the use of larynGuide in emergency intubation scenarios such as pre-hospital, intensive care, and emergency settings.

aiEndoscopic trains larynGuide with the goal is to support emergency intubations, and we are also developing an application to support neonatal intubations. Furthermore, larynGuide can be used to revolutionize manikin training by supporting the user and allowing objective scoring and intubation quality assessment.

This AI approach doesn't end at laryngoscopy; this software can be leveraged in a variety of applications including fiberoptic and endoscopic guidance.

Update: larynGuide 1 - Clinical Edition

We developed our first clinical version. If you are interested in the manual, please contact us for a copy.