Vision - intuBot - an all-in-one solution for easier and safer trachel intubation

intuBot is the whole package. It robotically executes larynGuide's input with the push of a button.

intuBot is aiEndsocopic's vision and was the focus of development, before taking the intermediate step of larynGuide.

The device consists of key components: First, the artificial intelligence to analyze the camera input. Second, an AI-interpreter to dense down the output to a smart navigation strategy. Third the robotics to execute the navigation and maneuver the endoscope tip into the trachea. It is basically the robot to execute larynGuide.

Such a device can also compensate misplacement errors, maneuver though more complex paths into the windpipe and allow to perform tracheal intubation with just one hand.

We developed intuBot to the technological readiness level 6 and can demonstrate its function in manikins.